scenic wind turbine farm

How Are Wind Turbines Installed?

Wind turbines are a common feature of the UK landscape. According to a recent government report in 2019, wind generators became the UK’s second largest source of electricity, providing 64 TWh. This was almost one fifth of the UK’s total generation, achieved by record onshore and offshore generation despite suboptimal conditions for wind, with 2019 …

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A Guide to Renewable Energy and Why You Need to use it

There is hardly a day that goes by without some aspect of Climate Change being in the news. Once-in-a-lifetime weather events, happening for the second time in ten years, melting ice caps, the need for more electric transport, the list goes on. Often, the term ‘renewable’ or ‘clean’ energy is used, but what does that …

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Building Foundations and Tree Roots

Trees can be found in almost every example of the built environment. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, they absorb CO2 emissions, produce oxygen, and provide habitat for urban wildlife. Trees and buildings go together, but occasionally there is an issue with building foundations near tree roots. Problems can arise when either a tree and …

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What are solar farms banner

What Are Solar Farms?

Green energy is a hot topic at the moment. The ability to generate electricity, with zero emissions, is part of the UK’s commitment towards net zero emissions by 2050. According to a National Grid ESO report in 2021: “Great Britain’s electricity system is on track to be powered free of fossil fuels and at 100% …

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Designing and Building Your Own Summer House

There is something magical about the promise of summer house living, even in the UK! A garden sanctuary, away from the stress and strain of the everyday world. The good life. Designing and building your own summer house is within the reach of most people. If you are handy with a few basic tools, self-building …

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Foundations for Building a Conservatory

A conservatory is one of the most popular and useful ways of extending the living area of a home. Available from either a specialist company or bought from a larger DIY store, they can often be installed without the need for planning permission or detailed building regulations. Although the use of an architect or structural …

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How Do Bridge Foundations Work and Why Are They Important?

Bridges can simply not be built without foundations, the same way that cars cannot be built without engines and planes without wings. The foundations have to be perfect for a bridge to be functionable and safe. The way in which bridges are formed depends on the type of bridge, which could be beam, arch, cable-stayed …

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Subsiding house

Guide to Tackling Subsidence

Subsidence is a word that strikes fear into the heart of any homeowner. At its worst, it can be a major safety hazard, yet if the signs are discovered early enough, it is possible to prevent the need for expensive remedial work. Let’s look at what subsidence is, what causes it, what you can do …

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The Cork House – Grand Designs

This week on Grand Designs, they announced the contenders for their ‘House of the Year’. Featured on this list was The Cork House – a carbon negative building made entirely of cork and built on ABC Anchors screw piles! The house has won several RIBA architectural awards Check out the photos below during construction and …

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625kN Pile Test – Restricted Access London Site

When configuring suitable screw piles for a project, our Engineers rely heavily on soil properties determined from geotechnical investigation. Often undertaking soil testing using the ABC Anchors soil test probe, or commissioning a full soil investigation (SI) report from a geotechnical engineering firm provides us with sufficient design information. On small projects, use of our …

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