Home Extension – Warminster

Customer Feedback

"We needed piles to support our new conservatory. We are on green sand and there are/have been issues in this area before."

"During preparation for the conservatory cracks were noticed in the neighbours extension wall. There is also a sewer pipe running under the site. All these things meant that we decided against the planned driven piles as the risk seemed to great. Our builders did not come up with any alternative so I had to research the options myself and fortunately came across ABC Anchors and the answer to our problem."

"We are very happy with the process, the installers and the outcome. The piling operation went well and our neighbours who were concerned that the piling may ’shake’ their house said they did not even notice! As you can see from the images the neighbours extension is very close and there is a rainwater pipe running across too."

"We would definitely use you again if needed."