Temporary Structures

Screw piles make excellent temporary foundations. They are quick and easily to install and just as easy to remove. Being able to offer instant tensions they are perfect for use as temporary staging, bridges, marquees, secure site storage, toilet blocks etc. The removal of the screw piles causes very minimal ground disturbance and piles can often be used again, making them the ideal solution for regular events and festivals.

Screw piles can be used to support high loads from tower cranes, strand jacks and other vehicles requiring temporary proven solid foundations.

Where cyclic or reversing loadings are present, screw piles are able to resist both tension and compression.

Low impact of installation and removal is the key to a successful job!

Transport costs are reduced – 1 tonne of screw piles and extensions can provide 80 tonnes (200 tonnes ultimate) holding power.



Tents of up to 600m2 (65000ft2) can be quickly and safely erected using special purpose screw anchors, designed and manufactured by ABC Anchors. Tension loads up to 200kN (20 tonnes) are easily accommodated, yet the anchors are quickly removed and reused time and again.

Temporary Roofs

The scaffolding for the temporary roof over the house at Dyrham Park required over 100 screw piles resisting both compressive and tension forces. These piles could be removed and reused once the roof has been repaired.

Concert Stages

Concert stages, previously secured using concrete, can now be restrained with hand installed lightweight screw piles.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines benefit from the use of screw piles to secure them, as they can be quickly erected and repositioned if required with very little effort and wasted resources.

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