Wind Turbine installation

Wind Turbine installation

ABC offer a wide range of Screw-Piles including the Conical anchor system, ideal for wind turbine installations.


 Cone shape can resist lateral loadings up to 5KNM.*

 60mm Anchors can resist axial loadings up to 120KN.*

 Specially designed plates allow adjustments to ensure vertical towers, with around 75mm movement in all directions.

 Anchors can be extended up or down to achieve desired installation torque.


Wind Turbine foundations have to cope with a combination of alternating vertical, over turning moment and lateral loads.

The ABC Conical anchors, generally in multiples of three or four, can be installed quickly in most soils ranging from very soft to chalks to a consistent capacity.

Measuring the installation torque is a reliable and proven method of establishing the capacity of a screw pile and gives great confidence to specifiers.

Autoguide Equipment supply and manufacture installation equipment, including hand-held and excavator mounted torque-heads as well as the Postmaster range of vibrating post drivers. In combination with ABC anchors Screw Piles, these systems provide fast, safe and accurate installations which help save time and cost for contractors and customers.



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Broadbridge Heath Roundabout sign

A screw piled foundation proved to be the best solution for this round-a-bout sign in Broadbridge Heath. The ground where the sign is situated had numerous electric and communication cables running through therefore concrete foundations would not have been possible.

The sign itself was not heavy but the foundations had to withstand high lateral loads imposed by potential high winds, 4 screw piles were installed beneath a steel grillage all set below ground level.