Scaffolding – Dyrham Park Roof Repair

When the 150 year old leaking roof of the 17th century Dyrham Park House needed to be repaired, the first step was to cover the whole house in a temporary scaffolding cover to keep the elements at bay.

Investigation showed that the ground around the house could not support the load imposed by the scaffolding.

ABC Anchors were asked by the main contractor Ken Biggs Construction to install over 100 screw piles to absorb the tensile and compressive forces from the complex structure, which weighs well over 200 tonnes.

With a 3 tonne mini digger, installation proceeded quickly, despite the need to work around the delicate building and paved garden structures. Some areas were inaccessible using the 3t digger. It was therefore only possible to install the piles using the ABC 400H hand held torque head.

The screw pile solution was proposed by Integral Engineering Design who worked with the National Trust to bring the project to fruition.

One feature that is quite unusual on this structure is the public access viewing platform, from May 2015 they will have a fully accessible scaffolding tower and lift, with a walkway where you can see the conservation in action and enjoy the views over the gardens.

Serious Stages

Screw piles offer a quick and easy way to install foundation piles and tension anchors for stage building. Their ability to be removed by ‘unscrewing’ them means they are re-usable and do not contaminate the site.

Key Features

Can be removed from the ground
Instant loadings
Screw Piles can be re-used

Customer Feedback

"We find the anchors a cost effective away of providing ballast at the fraction of the Price. Where permissible we can install 25-40 tonnes of ballast for one of our structures  with just a few anchors compared to up to two arctic loads of ballast."

"The anchors are easy to use and enable us to get into tight spaces which would have been problematic before."

"A great product with great service……….!"

Alex Chinnock
Serious Stages