Foundation Repairs – Underpinning

Subsiding properties are becoming more common. This is due to new buildings and extensions being built on insufficient foundations or shallow footings on clay soil. We have developed a system which can stabilise the subsidence and in some cases lift the building back to its original level.

The process involves digging around the outside of the failed foundation to expose the base of the concrete foundation. Pockets are then dug under the foundation at 0.8m-1m ctrs. Where the pockets have been dug, screw piles are installed to torques in excess of 3kNm. Piles need to be installed into stable ground. Jacking plates can then be fitted to the piles and lifted using hydraulic jacks. Once all of the piles are preloaded equally, the process is complete with the building stabilised and in some cases lifted back to original levels. Trenches are then backfilled with soil or type 1 if extra support is required.

Key Features

Can be hand installed for sites with limited access
Minimal disruption to property and surrounding area
Noise and vibration free operation

We have worked with numerous window companies to support and lift subsiding extensions and conservatories.