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Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Installation

Screw Piles offer a fast, accurate and versatile method for installing solar panel foundations on solar farms. The screw piles resist both uplift and compressive loads.

With a wide range of hydraulic torque heads and vibrating post installers, ABC Anchors offer the complete package.

Wind Turbines

ABC Anchors offer a wide range of Screw-Piles including the Conical anchor system, ideal for wind turbine installations. Wind Turbine foundations must cope with a combination of alternating vertical, overturning moment, and lateral loads. ABC Conical anchors can be quickly installed in multiples of three or four and are suitable for most soil types. Installation torque measurements are used as a proven method of establishing the capacity of a screw pile.

We work closely with our sister company, Autoguide Equipment, to supply installation equipment, including hand-held and excavator mounted torque-heads as well as the Postmaster range of vibrating post drivers. In combination with ABC Anchor’s screw piles, these systems provide fast, safe, and accurate installations which help save time and cost for contractors and customers.


  •  Cone shape can resist lateral loadings up to 5KNM.*

  •  60mm Anchors can resist axial loadings up to 120KN.*

  •  Specially designed plates allow adjustments to ensure vertical towers, with around 75mm movement in all directions.

  •  Anchors can be extended up or down to achieve desired installation torque.

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