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Handheld Torque Head

Handheld Torque Head

ABC Anchor's parent company Autoguide manufacture a range of Torque Heads for Screw Pile installation include both hand-held and excavator versions. They also design and manufacture custom and large Torque Heads.



  • Hydraulic Hand-held through head 4kNm pile installer.
  • Quiet, vibration free operation. Forward and reverse control on the unit itself.
  • Telescopic torque reaction arm.



  • Suitable for ABC Anchors 76R screw piles
  • Also suitable for SS ISO Chance, Mclane Dixie and other piles
  • Adaptors can be easily changed between pile types with standard spanners

These unique through drive heads are designed around operator comfort and safety as the piles are driven from no more than 1m from the ground.


This also ensures that the torque arm is at a safe angle. Once the pile has started in the ground it can then progress with small adjustments to ensure installation angle is achieved.


The 400H/700H was designed for installing screw piles in areas of very limited access, including use for inside buildings.


A standard 30l/min power-pack is used to power the driver. The torque gauge is calibrated to offer an installation torque in kNm.


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