Offering the complete Screw Pile solution

The ABC Anchors Screw Pile range can be used for various applications, including bridges, wind turbines, solar panels, new builds, extensions, underpinning/foundation repair, canal/river bank restoration, flag poles and signs.

Screw Piles and Installation Equipment

ABC Anchors offers a range of screw piles and installation equipment.

Offering the complete Screw Pile solution

Why Choose Us?

Success in pile installation depends on selection of the correct piles, plus use of the extensive range of torque heads available from our sister company Autoguide Equipment. In many situations the higher initial cost of a screw pile is more than offset by much faster installation, no concrete (or very little) and no spoil disposal.

To fully utilise the time savings it is essential that the installation equipment is easy to use, fast in operation, reliable and (when used correctly) safe. Autoguide’s experience in developing new methods of torque head mounting gives pile installers the best possible solutions.

Advantages of Screw Piles

Tension and Compression

Screw Piles can accept our published design loads in either tension or compression.

Heave Resistant

The maximum diameter of pile shafts in our range is 89mm, which provides excellent resistance to the effects of expansive soil heave.

Any Angle

Screw Piles can be driven in at any angle to suit your designs.

Tree/Root Protection Areas

Screw Piles are repeatedly specified as the foundation of choice for building in tree protection areas.

100 Year Design Life

All ABC Anchors Screw Piles are galvanised or fitted with cathodic protection and come with our 100 year design life guarantee.

Low Noise/Vibration

The installation process uses a torque motor to smoothly drive piles into the ground and requires no hammering or vibratory action to do so.

Get Connected/Build Instantly

Piles can accept full loads immediately after installation. We supply a wide range of terminations to suit tension, compression and combination loads.

No Muckaway

Screw Piling requires no excavation prior to or during installation, and therefore requires no waste disposal.


The pile is guaranteed by ABC Anchors for the manufacture and design strength. This is in conjunction with the installer or piling contractor's pile log, recording actual installation torque at each pile position.

The pile loadings are presented by the structural engineers to ABC Anchors for installation recommendation. Using the information from the full ground investigation works, the pile design can be deduced with installation criteria which must be met to ensure the pile can resist the required safe working load.