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Diving into Eco-Friendly Mooring with ABC Anchors

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Picture this: a tranquil underwater world where every anchor is a guardian, a protector of seabeds and marine life. ABC Anchors has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to make this vision a reality. Our mission? To revolutionise mooring systems with environmentally friendly underwater installations.

ABC Mooring Anchor
ABC Mooring Anchor

An Odyssey that Started A couple of years ago...

Our mooring anchors have made waves, quite literally, as they garnered attention on the news (BBC) for their ability to safeguard seabeds and marine ecosystems.

Discovering the Depths of Screw Piles

Let's delve deeper into the heart of our innovation - helical screw mooring anchors. ABC Anchors is your go-to source for these remarkable anchors, perfectly compatible with Hazelett, Seaflex, and other Advanced Mooring Solutions (AMS).

Our products have graced prestigious platforms, from the Plymouth Boat Show to the greenblue and The Ocean Conservation Trust stands at Sail GP in Plymouth.

Witnessing Nature's Resilience

To truly understand the impact of our anchors, consider our test installations at Studland Bay and Cawsand.

Teaming up with AMS, we witnessed the miraculous regrowth of seagrass right up to the anchor's head. It's a testament to the positive influence of our helical screw anchors on underwater ecosystems.

The Power of Torque

Our helical screw anchors are installed with precision, adhering to predetermined torque values that guarantee predictable pull-out performance.

As a rough reference, a single 60R anchor, when installed to 50% of maximum torque, rivals the performance of a 5-tonne concrete block.

Adapting to the Seabed's Personality

Of course, not all seabeds are created equal. Some are soft and might require an additional 2-meter extension, while others, rocky and unyielding, won't allow the anchor to penetrate - an issue easily identified by the lack of torque.

Durable Anchors, Unmoved by Nature's Fury

In the Tamar River at Calstock, concrete block moorings often fall victim to the clutches of fallen trees wrapping around moored boats.

In stark contrast, our screw-anchored boats have stood their ground for two seasons, undisturbed by nature's whims.

A Heritage of Innovation

Did you know that the helical anchor dates back to the 1830s, thanks to the ingenious Alexander Mitchell? These anchors are still widely used today, as both tension and compression-resisting elements, although they usually remain hidden from sight.

Think of every telecom and electricity pole, each supported by a helical stay anchor, ready to resist lateral forces.

ABC Anchors: Your Trusted Partner

At ABC Anchors, we're not just innovators; we're manufacturers too. This unique position enables us to monitor real-world situations closely and guide our Approved Installers to achieve consistently excellent results, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Tools for the Deep Blue

For marine installations, we offer hand-held hydraulically powered torque heads suitable for divers, excavators, or crane-mounted equipment.

We're also in the process of developing a road-transportable barge for multiple moorings.

Knowledge, Training, and Collaboration

We collaborate with local mooring contractors who possess site-specific expertise essential for ensuring satisfactory results.

Our team is always ready to provide training, drawing from our extensive experience.

Reaching the Depths with the 400H

Our 400H is a game-changer, allowing divers to install an environmentally friendly mooring system in depths of up to 10 meters.

With a unique hollow shaft, it can drive our ABC 60R screw anchors with ease. Hydraulics are powered from a surface-level petrol power pack, giving the operator full control using the integral control valve. Safety is paramount, with an extended torque reaction arm engaging with the seabed.

ABC Anchors is committed to preserving the marine environment while providing robust and reliable mooring solutions.

Our anchors are designed to hold strong, ensuring your vessel stays secure while safeguarding the underwater world we all cherish.

Together, we can make the ocean a safer, greener place.


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