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Case Study: Reinforcing a Sea Wall

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Our ABC Screw Piles are used across a variety of commercial and private construction projects, from building the foundations of bespoke extensions to support scaffolding for major bridge restoration - we've applied our product across the market.

Back in 2022, Constructex and ABC Anchors worked together in providing a solid foundation for a seawall, based in Southampton's Birdham Marina.

The Project itself required supporting piles along 30M of length sea-wall with rebar termination to tie into reinforcement cages along the distance to reinforce the wall.

What is a Sea Wall, and Why would they need Screw Piles to reinforce ?

A Sea wall provides a costal shell, which is a form of protection against typical high tides and sea action found in costal areas.

This protects structures and settlements that are close to costal areas and settlements.

The seawall is naturally built to withstand immense pressure and erosion from natural elements - however are difficult to repair due to location and the foundation process.

By using galvanised ABC Anchors screw piles, this allows for easier installation and increased protection using zinc coating - protecting the steel against natural elements for years to come.

When reinforcing the sea-wall, screw piles are perfect for getting into tight restricted spaces behind vertical and curved structures.

Reinforcing a Sea Wall
Reinforcing a Sea Wall

Screw Pile Design

The slim design and flight sizes offer flexibility in placement. Along with this, the benefit of using screw piles is that they are able to reach loading bearing in poor ground conditions - all they need is the correct depth to achieve torque.

Screw Pile designs have an unlimited depth and capacity, being perfect for reaching deeper depths required for loading.

By building the length of the pile with extension pieces - you are able to increase the distance of depth.

This is good for getting past 'fine' and 'silky' surface soils - and installing into deeper and tougher ground.

Installing Screw Piles
Installing Screw Piles

Constructex Ltd

Constructex Ltd are a maritime civil engineering company which provide inspection, maintenance and repair of marine environmental structures.

They have expert experience in dealing with ageing structures and provide suitable schemes for typical repairs, in areas such as ports, harbors, marinas, canals, rivers and reservoirs.

Here at ABC Anchors

Here at ABC, we supply foundation solutions across the board for both maritime and constructional projects - from installing for extensions to piling over lakes and beyond.

We offer training courses for our screw piles and operating our torque heads. Ranging from 1 - 2 day courses, we cover the basics of screw piling - from looking at structural plans, loadings and GI reports to practical demonstration and install.

For more information on what we provide - get in touch down below:


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