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What's Involved in a Helical Screw Pile Installation?

Helical screw piles are an innovative and efficient foundation solution, gaining popularity for their versatility, reliability, and ease of installation. Using products from the ABC Anchors range, with installation equipment designed and manufactured by Autoguide Equipment, this blog will walk you through the installation process and highlight the many advantages of helical screw piles.

helical screw pile installation

The Installation Process

  1. Site Assessment and Planning

  • Before any installation begins, a thorough site assessment is conducted to determine soil conditions, load requirements, and specific site constraints. This helps in selecting the appropriate type and size of helical screw pile from ABC Anchors’ extensive range.

  1. Preparation

  • The site is cleared of any surface obstacles. However, unlike traditional foundations, no extensive excavation is required, preserving the site’s integrity and minimising disruption.

  1. Positioning

  • The positions for the screw piles are marked based on the project’s design specifications. The precision in positioning is crucial to ensure the stability and load-bearing capacity of the structure.

  1. Installation Using a Torque Motor

  • A hydraulic torque motor, part of the installation equipment designed by Autoguide Equipment, is used to drive the screw piles into the ground. This motor smoothly rotates the pile, allowing the helical blades to cut through the soil efficiently.

  • The piles can be driven vertically or at any required angle, making them adaptable to various architectural and engineering demands.

  • The process generates minimal noise and vibration, making it ideal for projects in noise-sensitive areas or near existing structures.

  1. Monitoring and Adjustment

  • During installation, the torque applied to the screw piles is constantly monitored to ensure they are being installed to the correct depth and load capacity. Adjustments can be made on the fly to address any unexpected ground conditions.

  1. Immediate Load Acceptance

  • Once the screw piles reach the required depth and torque, they can accept full loads immediately. This immediate load-bearing capability allows for swift progression to the next phase of construction without delay.

  1. Termination and Connection

  • A variety of terminations are available to suit different load requirements, whether in tension, compression, or a combination of both. This versatility ensures that the screw piles can be seamlessly integrated with the structure’s foundation design.

Advantages of Helical Screw Piles

Tension and Compression

  • ABC Anchors screw piles are designed to handle loads in both tension and compression, making them suitable for a wide range of structural applications.

Tree/Root Protection Areas

  • Screw piles are ideal for use in areas with sensitive tree root systems. Their minimal disturbance installation process is often specified for projects within tree protection zones.

Heave Resistant

  • With a maximum pile shaft diameter of 89mm, ABC Anchors screw piles offer excellent resistance to soil heave, making them suitable for areas with expansive soils.

100-Year Design Life

  • All screw piles from ABC Anchors are galvanised ensuring a long-lasting foundation solution with a guaranteed design life of 100 years.

Any Angle Installation

  • The flexibility to install screw piles at any angle allows for innovative and custom foundation designs, accommodating complex architectural needs.

Low Noise/Vibration

  • The smooth installation process using a torque motor means there is no need for noisy hammering or vibratory actions, reducing environmental impact and disturbance.

Instant Load Acceptance

  • Screw piles can bear full loads immediately after installation, accelerating the construction timeline and enabling faster project completion.

No Muckaway

  • The screw piling method requires no excavation and therefore eliminates the need for muckaway, saving time and reducing waste disposal costs.


Helical screw piles from ABC Anchors, installed using Autoguide Equipment’s specialised tools, offer a robust, flexible, and environmentally friendly foundation solution. Their many advantages, from minimal site disruption to immediate load acceptance and long-term durability, make them an excellent choice for a wide range of construction projects. Whether building in sensitive ecological areas or dealing with challenging soil conditions, helical screw piles provide a reliable and efficient foundation system.


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