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76RL Screw Pile Range

76RL Screw Pile Range

Introducing the 76RL Screw Piles – the cost-effective and efficient foundation solution from the 76R range. Built with a slightly lighter weight and featuring a thinner tube wall, the 76RL screw piles maintain the same high standards of stability and reliability that the 76R range is known for. These piles are designed to excel in diverse soil conditions while offering a budget-friendly alternative. Whether your project involves residential, commercial, or industrial construction, the 76RL screw piles provide the strength and load-bearing capacity you need for a solid foundation, all while optimising costs. Elevate your construction projects with confidence, thanks to the affordability and dependable performance of the 76RL screw piles from the trusted 76R range.

The 76RL Anchors can be installed using the hand held 700H. The 700H compact size allows it to fit through doorways therefore it is very useful on sites with limited access. It is driven from a hydraulic powerpack and offers torque read outs. This allows the pile capacity to be calculated instantly.

  • Tube Specification BS EN-10297 E355 HFS
  • Helix Specification BS EN-10025 S275
  • Fasteners Specification METRIC M20 GR8.8
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