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89R Screw Pile Range

89R Screw Pile Range

The 89R screw pile stands as the pinnacle of innovation and engineering prowess within the screw pile range. Commanding attention with its robust design and impressive dimensions, it towers above its counterparts as the largest and most formidable member of the family. Crafted to withstand the most demanding of applications, the 89R boasts a diameter that exudes strength and stability, instilling confidence in any construction project it supports. Its helical flights, meticulously engineered, cut through the earth with precision, offering unparalleled load-bearing capacity and steadfast anchorage. The 89R's towering stature, coupled with its exceptional weight-bearing capabilities, transforms the landscape of heavy-duty foundation work. Whether supporting expansive bridges or colossal industrial structures, the 89R stands as a testament to human ingenuity, conquering the challenges of modern construction with an unwavering grip on stability and durability.

The 89R Anchors can be installed using the excavator mounted 2500X. The 2500X fits excavators from 5-10 tonne. A gimbal mount can also be offered for easier loading of piles and for sites with restricted head room. This machine offers torque read outs, allowing the pile capacity to be calculated instantly.

  • Tube Specification BS EN-10297 E355 HFS
  • Helix Specification BS EN-10025 S275
  • Fasteners Specification METRIC M22 GR8.8
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