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Discovering Glastonbury on Sea: Unveiling the ABC Anchors Screw Piles

If you were one of the lucky festival-goers at Glastonbury on Sea this year, you might have noticed something unique beneath your feet: ABC Anchors screw piles. These unassuming engineering marvels played a crucial role in transforming farmland into a thriving festival ground without the need for traditional concrete foundations.

Glastonbury Festival, renowned worldwide for its music, arts, and vibrant atmosphere, underwent a significant transformation in recent years with the introduction of Glastonbury on Sea. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Somerset, the festival site was ingeniously crafted to include a pier, adding a touch of coastal charm to the inland setting.

Glastonbury screw piles

Why Screw Piles?

Screw piles, pioneered by ABC Anchors, offer several advantages over conventional foundation methods, especially in environmentally sensitive areas like farmland. Their installation involves screwing them directly into the ground, reducing the need for extensive excavation and minimising disruption to the land. This method not only accelerates construction timelines but also ensures a more sustainable footprint.

Did You See the Pier?

One of the standout features at Glastonbury on Sea was undoubtedly the pier—a whimsical addition that transported festival-goers to a coastal retreat. Constructed atop the secure foundation provided by screw piles, the pier served as a hub for activities, performances, and breathtaking views of the festival grounds.

Share Your Experience

If you attended Glastonbury on Sea, we want to hear from you! Did you notice the screw piles beneath your feet as you danced the night away? Were you captivated by the pier's design and its scenic vistas? Share your photos and experiences with us. Your memories help us celebrate the innovative spirit that makes events like Glastonbury so extraordinary.

Glastonbury Screw piles

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of Glastonbury on Sea and the role of ABC Anchors screw piles in its creation, we anticipate future developments in sustainable construction practices. Innovations like screw piles not only support the temporary structures of festivals but also offer long-term solutions for permanent installations in challenging terrains.

Whether you're a seasoned festival enthusiast or a first-time visitor to Glastonbury on Sea, the fusion of music, art, and engineering excellence creates lasting memories. Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation that transforms farmland into vibrant cultural landscapes, one screw pile at a time.


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